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Survival Enhancement Plans
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 11th Dec 2017
The last major update for the server was the 1.12.1 update. Not only did this update take the server to 1.12 and a expansion of the world border but it also added in new plugins like toolupkeep. Before this major update the server had started to stagnate in updates.

Well stagnate no more. I have a series up updates that I wish to roll out to the server. All of these updates will focus on enhancing the survival experience on the server. These updates will consist of 4 main updates. (At least at this time).

Update 1: The PvP update:
This update will consist of new PvP rewards such as xp drop and money steal as well as new enchantment's and other mechanics.

Update 2: The PvE update:
This update will buff some mobs, add in new PvE related enchantments as well as enhance the environment of the server.

Update 3: The Crafting Update:
I will be adding in new crafting recipes as well as creating recipes to convert some blocks back into their gem form. (i.e. Quartz blocks to 4 Quartz). Some vanilla recipes may be changed to make them more difficult or easier to craft.

Update 4: (Name to be decided)
This update will add in new PvP and PvE mechanics as well as other possible mechanic changes. It may also add more aspects onto the server which may change how players play on this survival server.


As with all plans and updates take all of the above with a grain of salt. Things may and probably will change.  As each update approaches I will release more information about the update. This way players can prepare for the change and plan accordingly. 

Besides all of the plans above I have many more ideas that can enhance the survival aspect on the server. Furthermore I have other plans to enhance the general game play of the server (Such as a new better voting plugin that should be finished within a few weeks).

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