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PvP Update Planned Features
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 22nd Dec 2017
Astria is a survival server. The focus of it is to enhance survival, make it harder and more challenging. One part of survival that I neglected and greatly hindered is PvP. Recently I rewrote the PvP rules for the server to make the server more friendly to PvPing. Now I am planing on re-implementing some vanilla PvP mechanics, custom mechanics as well as add in some new PvP rewards.

First I would like to say that keepinventory will still be turned on for the server. It may greatly hinder the rewards that the winning player gets from PvP but at least for now it will continue to be active.

XP Drops
The first PvP reward will be xp drops. Upon a player dying for any reason they will drop some of there xp. The amount dropped will be based on a percentage and will also have a minimum drop and maximum drop. I am adding this mainly for PvP but it will also help enhance PvE since dying to a mob or taking fall damage will cause the loss of experience. At this time I plan for 20% of the xp to drop with a minimum xp thats worth about 5 levels. The maximum that will drop will be around 30 levels.

Money Stealing
Secondly I will be implementing a way to steal money from players. Upon killing a player the winning player will gain a percentage of the players money.  There will also be a minimum amount of money stolen along with a maximum. Players will steel 15% of a players money with a minimum amount of 10 coins and a maximum amount of 100 coins.
Furthermore players will have a money steal cooldown of 10 minutes after being killed by another player. During this time money cannot be stolen from them by any player.

Thirdly  I will be implementing a bleeding effect. Bleeding will stop the targets natural regeneration for a few seconds. The chance of inflicting them with bleeding will be based off of what weapon is being used.  This will not stop regeneration from potions or beacons. As of writing this post I have not decided what the duration or chances are to inflict bleeding onto your opponent will be. I am adding in bleeding to help make PvP more difficult and to help curve the regenerative effects of food. I will monitor PvP and any comments players have about the bleeding mechanic to adjust its duration as required. If need be I will also remove the bleeding mechanic from the server.

Custom Enchantments
I want to add in custom enchantments to the server. I am looking to add in enchantments that feel like vanilla enchantments. However because of the size and complexity of this PvP update the custom enchantments may be pushed to another update. Custom enchantment names are unofficial and may change between now and release.
EnderBlock (Sword,Axe): Upon attacking a player, they cannot use enderperls for a few seconds. Duration is based on enchantment level. Also deals bounus damage to endermen, endermites, and the end dragon.
Cleaving Attack (Axe): Increases bleeding chance by 8% per level. Maximum of 3 levels.
Serrated Blade (Sword): Increases bleeding duration by 1 second per level. Maximum of 4 levels.
Pick Pocket: (Sword,Axe): Increases the amount of money stolen from a player.
Reinforced Structure (Shield): reduces the durability loss of a shield. Also provides minor protection to the shield user.
Tough Wings (Elytra): Blocks 3% of damage taken per level. Maximum level is 2. This allows elytra to act as weak armor blocking a total of 6% of damage taken.

Other Major Changes
Overpowered Anvil Enchantments: Anvils will allow for overpowered enchanted books to be placed onto items. A while back I added in the Golden Blaze Custom mob in the Mob Area. It dropped a golden sword with Fire Aspect IV. When salvaging was added in some players obtained Fire Aspect IV books from the swords but when used to enchant there sword, there sword become un-repairable and was only Fire Aspect II. This will help fix that as well as allow for stronger enchantments in the future.

Item Repairing and Enchanting with Anvils: Repairing items in an Anvil will cost 30% less and enchanting a item with books will have there cost lowed by 60%. This will aid in allowing weapons and tools to have more enchantments placed onto them.

Other Minor Changes
Lastly there will be a few minor changes to other plugins and parts of the server.

MoneyDrop the plugin responsible for giving money to a player upon killing a monster will have its overall maximum increased. The chance of getting money will be increased by 10% for some mobs. What does this mean? This means that you will make more money from hunting/grinding monsters and you will make that money faster. I may also increase the amount of money obtained from some mobs,

Some shop sell prices will also be raised to allow players to make more money from selling items to the server shop. However some shop buy prices will also be raised to help balance the item(s) price wise since players will be able to obtain more money. Most items that will get a buy price increase will be PvP related items and foods. I am also looking to implement other ways to make money other then fighting monsters, but the ideas I have will not be implemented in this PvP update.

All of the above changes is to aid in making PvP a harder and more rewarding experience on the server. PvP is a crucial part of surviving on a survival server. The changes listed above are only planned, some, all and none may not be implemented on the server. I may also change/remove/add stuff to this planned list, as well as change values or how something works. If you have any questions or concerns comment on this news post (using the forms site) or talk to me on the server or /mail me on the server.

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