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PvP update Progress
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 10th Jan 2018
The PvP plugin is almost feature complete. At this time i am adding in the last few features (mostly enchantments) and am starting the debugging process. At this time I do not have a ETA on when the PvP update will be released. 

I will go over the new features briefly, you can read the main PvP Update post for a full list of features.

XP Dropping: Upon death a player will drop a percentage of there total xp.
Money Steeling: upon killing a player you steel some of there money.
Bleeding: each weapon/tool has a chance per hit to make the target player bleed. While bleeding the player will not regenerate any natural life. However effects will still regenerate the player so eating golden apples and using potions will allow a player to regenerate life.

Ender Block: upon hitting a player with a weapon that has this enchantment they cannot use enderperls for a few seconds.

Cleaving Attack: Allows axes to have a increased chance to cause a player to blead.
Serrated Blade: allows swords to make a player bleed for a longer duration.
Pick Pocket: allows the player to steel more money from the player they have just killed.
Tough Wings: Allows elytra to reduce damage taken from attacks.

So far a few players have voiced concerns about some of the changes in the PvP update. If you have concerns voice them on the forms or mail Daniel_return. 

The main concern that I have had of so far is the fact that Tough Wings reduces the triad off of using a chest plate or using wings. I am adding in Tough Wings to help counter the bleeding effect for players who choose to always have elytra on instead of proper armor when not using there elytra. The protection value that Tough Wings provides is less then what a fully enchanted chest plate can provided, and I can always adjust this value to make it weaker or stronger as required.

That is it for this news post. If you have any concerns or ideas on how to enhance PvP, PvE or/and general survival contact me on the forms or by using the mail command. 

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