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PvE Update Ideas
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 24th Jan 2018
First off, I would like to say that the PvP update is almost complete. With it almost complete I would like to post about some of the PvE ideas that I am considering implementing for the PvE update.

Simple Custom mob spawning: This would allow for very simple custom mobs to spawn natural in the world. Most of these will be monsters that are more difficult then the vanilla minecraft monsters. This will help add some diversity onto the server and increase the difficulty of PvE.

Bleeding: Currently bleeding is being implemented for PvP. For this PvE update I will also make it to where monsters can make a player bleed upon attacking the player. This will be a chance based on the monster type and will be a very low chance since PvE consists of mostly fighting a swarm of monsters.

Crop growth rate limiter: this will allow me to set the speed at which crops grow. This feature will also allow crops to die randomly. This will decrease the amount of food on the server. Food is very easy to obtain on the server and does not provide much of a challenge to obtain or grow.

Animal Breading limiter: This will allow animals to have a chance to fail at being breed. This means the player will get less baby animals upon breeding a heard of animals.

Monster Swarming: this will allow a few mob types to occasionally swarm a player.

Enderdragon battle despawn mechanic; This mechanic will make the ender dragon despawn if the player it is fighting dies and no other player exists in the end. In vanilla minecraft the dragon is a hard fight with a high risk. If you die, you loose all of your items and must find your way back to the end portal. On my server keep inventory is on and players can warp back to the end. Currently there is no risk to fighting the dragon. If you die, just warp back. With this mechanic the risk of dying to the enderdragon becomes a real risk again. If you die, you loose your chance to fight the dragon until you summon it once more. This will also help increase the value of the ender dragon. The money dropped from it upon killing it will increase and I may also increase the amount of xp dropped from the dragon.,

Have any ideas for the PvE update? Dont like one of the ideas that I have? /mail me in game, or leave a comment on this news post on the forms. And remember thease are just ideas at this time. I have not thought out the full mechanics of the above ideas.

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