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The PvP Update is now Live!
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 6th Feb 2018
Astria is a survival server. The focus of it is to enhance survival, make it harder and more challenging. One part of survival that I neglected and greatly hindered is PvP. However this has now changed. With this PvP update there are new PvP mechanics and rewards for PvPing. Along with the new mechanics and rewards are new custom enchantments. Continue reading for a detail breakdown of everything that is new.

XP Drops
With keep inventory on players do not drop any XP upon dying. This has now changed, whether its a PvP related death or a PvE related death, you will now drop XP. The XP that you drop is equal to 30% of your current total experience with a minimum drop of 100 experience.

Money and Money Stealing
When killing monsters you have a chance to get money. There is also a maximum cap to how much money you can obtain from monsters per day (Excluding bosses). With this update the chance of getting money has increased for all mobs along with the amount of money you receive.

Besides getting more money from killing monsters you can now steel money from another player when you kill them. The money you gain is equal to 15% of there total money. There is a minimum amount that is always stolen unless the player is under the minimum, in which case you steel the remaining money from them. A player can only have money stolen from them once every 10 minutes. This will aid in preventing abuse of the money steeling system and help newer or weaker players not loose all of the money they have. 

Bleeding is a new mechanic that prevents natural health regeneration for 8 seconds. Each weapon has a chance to inflict bleeding onto a player every time you attack the player.
Sword: 30% chance, Axe: 20% chance.
Regeneration from other sources such as beacons and potions are not blocked. This will make PvP more risky because the main regeneration source has a chance to be blocked.

Some players may be asking why not have it decrease health over time instead of blocking regeneration. I implemented bleeding in the way I did because minecraft always has 3 mechanics that decrease life over time: Fire damage, Poison, and the wither effect. I did not want to add in another way for players to loose life, so this bleeding just prevents natural regeneration.

Custom Enchantments
I wanted to create some new enchantments for players to play around with and I wanted them to resemble/feel like vanilla enchantments as close as they could. Most of the enchantments revolve around the new mechanics I have added in this update, but there are a few that do not.
Items in () are the items that the enchantment goes onto. i.e. (Sword)
  • EnderBlock (Sword,Axe): Upon attacking a player, they cannot use enderperls for a few seconds. Duration is based on enchantment level. Also deals bonus damage to the creatures of the end.Duration: 2 seconds per level
  • Bonus Damage: 1.5 per level
  • Maximum Level: 3

• Cleaving Attack (Axe): increases the chance of inflicting a player with bleeding
  • Chance: 8% per level
  • Maximum Level: 3 (With anvil)

• Serrated Blade (Sword): Increases the duration of the bleeding effect.
  • Duration: 1 second per level
  • Maximum Level: 4 (With anvil)

• Pick Pocket: (Sword,Axe): Increases the amount of money stolen from a player, as well as the minimum and maximum amount stolen
  • Percent Stolen: 5% per level
  • Maximum Level: 3 (With anvil)

• Reinforced Structure (Shield): reduces the durability loss of a shield. Also provides minor protection to the shield user.
  • Reduces durability loss by 10% per level
  • Blocks 5% damage per level.
  • Maximum Level: 3

• Tough Wings (Elytra): Blocks a small amount of damage taken.
  • Blocks: 2% damage per level
  • Maximum Level: 3 (With anvil)

Other Changes
Overpowered Anvil Enchantments: Anvils will allow for overpowered enchanted books to be placed onto items. This will allow some of the enchanted items the custom mobs drop to be applied to tools and weapons (Such as the Fire Aspect 4 sword/book).

Item Repairing and Enchanting with Anvils: Repairing items in an Anvil will cost 30% less and enchanting a item with books will have there cost lowed by 60%. This will aid in allowing weapons and tools to have more enchantments placed onto them.

Many of the items at the server shop have had there prices changed. Some items have increased while others have decreased.

The enderdragon has had its money drop value lowered to 200 since the enderdragon fight has no risk to it and is very easy because of the lack of risk. In a future update I am hoping to change this and add some risk back into the enderdragon fight.

The main focus of this update is to make PvP a more challenging yet more rewarding experience.  This is just the first update in a series of 4 updates I have planed to enhance the survival aspect of the server. For more information about this Enhanced Survival Plain see the news post: Survival Enchantment Plans. You can also check back in on the website or forms in the future for updates about the server and this Enhanced Survival Plan.

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