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Server Commands


(Out of Date)

  • /money: see how much money you have
  • /money pay <player> <amount> : pay a <player> money. <amount> is the amount of money you wish to pay them. 
  •      NOTE: any player to player transactions should be recorded using screen shots. The recorded pictures will be used if a player rips you off, and you need staff intervention. Staff will only help if you have screen shots of the transaction. In some cases the server owner may be able to check the log file.WARPS
  • /warp <warp> Warps you to the warp. If there is a cost you will be charged.
  • /warps   Displays a list of warps along with there cost and required Rank.
  • Ranks
  • /rank  Gives you info about your rank. This includes how many days you need to player to obtain the next rank
  • /rank list Lists all ranks and total days played to obtain the rank
  • Repair
  • /repair used to see how much xp and money repairs item by
  • /repair level <levels Used>: Repairs the items durability using Levels.
  • /repair money <coins>: Repairs the items durability using coins.
  • /repair item: Repairs the item being held by the item its crafted with.
  •     i.e. if your repairing a diamond sword, the command would consume a diamond.
  • /repair dur:  Displays how much durability the held item has


  • /salvage salv   Salvages the item you are holding, turning it into its base materials. If its enchanted there is a chance for the enchantment to be added to a book in your inventory. (Must have books in your inventory)
  • /salvage list  lists all items that can be salvaged.
  • /salvage help  lists the salvage help along with how salvaging works.
  • [Tell and Msg/u]
  • /tell <palyer> <message> or /msg <player> <message> sends a private message to a player. 


  • /mail r:read : read your mail
  • /mail r:read all :  Reads all of your mail
  • /mail clear: clears your mail
  • /mail S:Send <player>  <Message>   Send mail to player 
  • /mail comp help: get help for advanced mail composition
  • Grief Prevention
  • /claimlist  list the claims you own, and how many cliam blocks you can build with.
  • /itemlore  the command that allows you to change items names and add on lore text

        XP BOTTLES

  • /xpbottle store <xp>  Stores <xp> within the held glass bottle.
  • /xpbottle consume  Consumes the stored xp in the bottle and adds it to your xp. Bottle is loss in this operation.
  • /xpbottle current   Displays the current xp you have
  • /xpbottle storeAll  places all of your xp into the held bottle upto the maximum xp a bottle can store.
  • /xpbottle help   Bring up xp bottle help, maximum xp stored value, and a link to the Minecraft Wiki's experience page.
  • Site and Rules Commands
  • /site or /sites brings up a link to this web site, with links to sub pages to this web site
  • /rules brings up a few basic rules and a link to the rules page.


Other Commands: 

/Shops: List player shops

/Shops tp <Shop>: Teleport to a player made shop.

Upcoming Commands: 
Please note that these commands are not yet added in to the current server, they will be added in at a later date.

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