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Server Commands

Note this page has issues as Clanwebsite is not displaying the info correctly and is not displaying all the commands. If you need help with commands ask staff or another player in game.


See how much money you have

/money pay <player> <amount>

Pay a chosen <player> money. The <amount> is the how much you are paying them. 

     NOTE: any player to player transactions should be recorded using screen shots. The recorded pictures will be used if a player rips you off, and you need staff intervention. Staff will only help if you have screen shots of the transaction. In some cases the server owner may be able to check the log file.


Displays a list of warps along with there cost and required Rank. You can also click the [TP] button next to them to teleport to the warp.

/warp <warp>
Warps you to the <warp>. If there is a cost you will be charged. Furthermore some warps require you to be of a specific rank to use.

Bestiary allows you to view a list of monsters that you have killed. The more kills you have the more information you get on the monster.

Brings up the Bestiary Help

Item Encyclopedia
The Item Encyclopedia is a list of most of the current items on the server. This does not include most of the old legacy items.

Displays the help for the Encyclopedia.

/encyclopedia list
Displays a list of items.


Gives you info about your rank. This includes how many days you need to player to obtain the next rank

/rank list
 Lists all ranks and total days played to obtain the rank


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