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Custom Items

Note: This page is WIP. For a Full list of Custom Items go to: http://danielreturnweb.wi ... /astria/custom-items 
For a list of Vanilla Items with custom Crafting Recipes go to: http://danielreturnweb.wi ... stria/custom-recipes 
Not all items are listed, not all images are displayed.

Fermented Leather
Crafted from 2 Rotten Flesh, 1 Mushroom (Red/brown) and 1 sugar. 4 can be crafted into 1 Leather.

Provides bonus damage when held in the off hand.
Stone: +2 damage, Iron: +3 damage, Diamond: +4
Crafted from 1 cobblestone/iron/diamond and 1 stick

Life Armor
Life armor is diamond armor that provides extra maximum health.
Each armor piece provides a different amount for a total of 20 health.
It is crafted as normal diamond armor with a Totem of Undying.
Helmet Stats: +4 Max Health, +2 Armor Toughness, + 3 Armor
Chestplate Stats: +8 Max Health, +2 Armor Toughness, + 8 Armor
Leggings Stats: +6 Max Health, +2 Armor Toughness, + 6 Armor
Boots Stats: +2 Max Health, +2 Armor Toughness, + 3 Armor

Wither Bone
A Bone that drops from a wither skeleton.

Wither Wand
A wand that drops from Wither Skeleton Occultists. When clicked upon the ground all entities (excluding animals) get wither II for 10 seconds. Shift clicking will also target the caster but will decrease the duration. Has 3 uses

Giants Heart
A heart of a Mountain Giant. When shift clicked upon the ground, all ores and obsidian are slowly mined out of the chunk and dropped at the player feet. The player must stay within the chunk. Has 1 use and consumes 40 Levels. A rare drop from a Mountain Giant.

Wither Star Shard
9 are crafted from 1 Wither Star. Primary use is to make Combined Potions Stable when crafting initial potions.

Walking Staff
When held in main or off hand the player moves 20% faster. Stacks with other speed boasting effects.
Crafted From: 3 sticks, 3 Gold, 1 Redstone, and 2 Swiftness II potions.

Unstable Powered
A powder that can explode upon crafting. When used (Right click ground) it has a chance to explode. 
Crafted From: 3 gunpowder and 3 Blaze Powder.

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